6 MorgenONE™ Dashboards Our Property Management Partners Check Daily

There are three things that make the promise of Morgen a reality: our sensors, connection and actionable data.

  1. Sensors: Morgen provides various sensors based on your needs (leaks detection, smart HVAC, water monitoring, air quality, asset tracking). A wide range of sensors are compatible with MorgenCONNECT™ and MorgenONE™, allowing the software to adapt to many different use cases. And because of energy-harvesting technology, Morgen is able to offer ultra-low-power sensors, which feature lifetime batteries or no batteries at all.
  2. Connection (MorgenCONNECT™): With the MorgenCONNECT™ infrastructure, all sensor data is routed to a single hub in your unit or building and then uploaded to the cloud. Because Morgen uses technology that doesn’t rely on WiFi, cellular signals, or the building’s internal wiring or network, you can be assured of a consistent, reliable connection between the sensors and the base station.
  3. Actionable Data (MorgenONE™): MorgenONE™ aggregates all data into an easy-to-use dashboard. Building managers then have full insight into their properties, while MorgenONE™’s platform can automatically detect issues and alert users with a notification when an action should be taken.

It all comes down to data. Which is why our dashboards are worth their weight in gold – especially for our military partners.

Below, we share the tip of the iceberg for what’s possible in terms of data visibility inside MorgenONE™. If these dashboards look interesting to you, contact our team to learn how they can be customized to fit your building’s specific use case.

Water Management Dashboard

Central Plant

Energy Management Dashboard

Alert Location Dashboard

Summary Dashboard

Monthly Scorecard

No matter your building’s pain points, Morgen can offer reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that give your property managers visibility and operational insight into the property, allowing them to proactively address and resolve potential issues before they escalate into major disasters.