Revolutionizing Military Housing with Morgen’s Innovative Solutions

The state of military housing in the United States has raised concerns, as highlighted in a recent report from the United States Government Accountability Office. Amidst these challenges, Morgen has emerged as a practical solution for this military housing challenge.

Managing large-scale real estate comes with its share of problems. Current practices often leave operators in the dark, reacting to issues after they occur and wasting resources due to inefficiencies.

Morgen steps in to address these challenges, offering a solution that empowers operators and transforms their approach to building maintenance.

With Morgen’s at-scale sensor technology and powerful reporting dashboard, operators gain a better understanding of their portfolio in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly. This capability proves crucial for military housing operators, offering a proactive approach to building maintenance and enhancing overall efficiency, specifically as it relates to indoor air quality (IAQ) – a timely and pressing challenge.

Morgen’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution covers various metrics, including temperature, ozone levels, particulate matter, humidity, CO2, and PM10. In fact, one of Morgen’s sensors can solve for the three most critical military housing issues:

  • High indoor temperatures
  • Methane gas and
  • Humidity and moisture levels

And of course, Morgen can also capture this same data on Outdoor Air Quality.

This comprehensive approach ensures that operators have a clear view of environmental conditions within their buildings.

This visibility and insight is the answer to the Government Accountability Office’s report, which state’s that the Department of Defense (DOD) “do not track or use complete or consistent information when making resource decisions related to barracks.”

Morgen’s platform is about more than just gathering data; it’s about transforming that data into practical insights and timely responses. By providing immediate and actionable solutions for both new and old buildings, Morgen becomes a valuable ally in the pursuit of optimal living conditions for military personnel.

With this kind of data, viability goes from zero to actionable. With actionable data, military housing can not only improve living conditions but also optimize the spending to do so. Morgen kills two important birds with one stone, which brings us one step closer to the United States having military housing that we can be proud of.