Morgen Quick Start Package: Smart HVAC

Have you heard what people are doing to their home HVAC? Tenants around the country are cracking their thermostats to override heating and air conditioning settings and the costs are enormous. There are more than 636,000 views on the first YouTube video that populates when you search “how to crack my thermostat” and there are pages and pages of these resources.

Overriding heating and air restrictions are easy and it’s costly.

The irony is that all the units being cracked are marketed as smart thermostats, because, well, they are. The problems are obvious when units run heating and air in excessive ways and pass on those costs to the property owner. These headaches are only compounded at scale.

Our partners don’t tolerate the runaway costs of mismanaged HVAC. Morgen is a simple, profound solution to all things HVAC at scale. And, as a bonus, YouTube won’t help your tenants because you can’t game our thermostats.

That is smart.

Our military housing partners found out who their culprits were and we were able to take cost-saving action immediately. This is possible because our technology can’t be hacked like other thermostats and usage inefficiencies trigger alerts to our partners immediately. You can imagine the costs of an empty unit running air conditioning at frigid temperatures on the property owner’s dime. In a case like this, we use multiple sensors to monitor how long a system is running and the number of cycles they run. We aggregate data so simply that cost-saving opportunities are obvious when compared to other units.

Quick Start Package: Smart HVAC

Want to master HVAC once and for all? We have a simple solution for you:

  • MorgenONE™: a simple, clear, and compelling dashboard to have the peace of mind of clear visibility of any number of properties and units.
  • MorgenCONNECT™: this low-cost infrastructure aggregates all sensor data and connects it directly to the cloud – without WiFi!
  • Vortex Hub: this low-cost aggregator does all the calculations needed for clear, actionable data.

Elegant Solutions, Actionable Data

As an agile solution, we can provide clear, actionable solutions for any building at any scale. Our partners enjoy:

  • Clear, Actionable Reporting: it’s all our ‘high tech’ translated into clear terms.
  • Live Data: timely data trumps old data every time.
  • Trends Charts: improve large-scale strategy decisions with a clear view of the landscape.
  • Alerts: measuring data about a flood isn’t nearly as helpful as preventing one.

The truth is that maximizing the bottom line and protecting your asset requires specific HVAC behaviors. Our partners enjoy maintaining their assets with peace of mind that there aren’t hidden heating and air liabilities to keep them up at night.