IoT solutions and AI software designed for CRE owners and managers.

Meet Morgen.

Morgen provides building owners with operational insight through our two-prong solution:

1. Cost-Effective CRE Sensor Technology
2. AI Software Platform that Aggregates All Data 

Morgen is able to assessdetectact, and eliminate the risk before expensive damages can occur. These operational efficiencies promise bottom line results.

How does Morgen work?

  • MorgenONE™

    An AI software platform designed for building owners and managers to access real-time data that drives operational insight.

  • MorgenCONNECT™

    A connected wireless infrastructure that does not depend on existing building infrastructure or cellular network. 

  • IoT Solutions

    Cost-effective, non-proprietary, energy-harvesting sensors sourced from leading manufacturers that connect seamlessly to MorgenONE™.


The MorgenONE™ is a software that aggregates all sensor data into a user-friendly dashboard.


MorgenCONNECT™ is a connected wireless framework that consists of three parts: sensors, hubs and base station.

  • Unit Level

    Each unit includes many sensors - thermostat, water, air quality monitoring, etc.

  • Building Level

    Every unit includes a Morgen Hub to aggregate all sensor information. This does not require WiFi.

  • Base Station Level

    All units connect to one main district "base station" that connects to the cloud. 

IoT Solutions

Morgen constantly collects information – and that information tells a story. Morgen detects and responds in real-time; keeping tenants safe, reducing energy and saving money.  We source our sensor technology from a variety of leading manufacturers to meet the building owner's objectives. All sensors connect to MorgenCONNECT™ and MorgenONE™.

  • Water Damage Prevention

    When Morgen detects a water leak, it responds by shutting off the water valve.

  • Vacant Utilities Management

    When tenants move out, Morgen responds by triggering a vacant state mode to save energy.

  • Air Quality Monitoring

    When Morgen detects carbon dioxide levels in classrooms, alerting the teacher to open a window to increase fresh air, improving the learning environment.

What makes Morgen different?

  • Designed for All Buildings

    Deploy our technology in any building without costly updates, including asbestos remediation, outdated BMS or wireless infrastructure.

  • Requires No WiFi

    This technology does not require WiFi for connectivity. The sensors use MorgenConnect™ to function.

  • Predictive AI Platform

    Morgen works 24/7, so you don't have to. Monitoring thermostats, vacant utilities, leak detection, air quality, and so much more, Morgen responds and eliminates risks in real-time, alerting you of any updates with a notification through the dashboard. 

  • Wireless, Batteryless Sensors

    Morgen provides cost-effective sensors with  energy-harvesting technology to make "low battery" a thing of the past.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Morgen's vision to secure all of our tomorrows means providing sensor solutions that reduce carbon footprint. Our sensors do just that by:

• Monitoring air quality
• Saving energy
• Extending the life of equipment

Master Distributor for Thermokon

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Thermokon. As the Master Distributor, we are the exclusive partner for Thermokon sensors in the United States.

For more than 30 years, THERMOKON is recognized worldwide for leveraging standards in intelligent buildings with engineering, innovation and quality “Made in Germany”. Thanks to the development and production of sophisticated sensors and sensor systems we are creating an additional benefit for our customers all over the world. We focus on efficiency, sustainability and openness to new fields of technology as well as a close cooperation and thorough dialogue with our clients. As a leader for innovation with a broad scope of applications we are continuously developing our portfolio further and offer decisive benefits with regards to product-related values, customized solutions and engineering. Our complete range of products is designed to energy-efficient buildings.

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Meet the Team

  • Mike Smith

    Chief Vision Officer

    With over 25 years in the commercial real estate industry, Mike is an expert in innovative technologies and has a clear understanding of how to leverage them for your desired outcome – always with an operational mindset.

  • Mike Murphy

    Operations & Partnerships

    With a proven track record at increasing sales and reducing operating costs, Mike is  an operations power house. Well-versed in all emerging technologies and IoT based solutions, he brings this deep understanding to the team.

  • Christine Mahoney

    Director of Operations

    With a robust portfolio of experiences encompassing business administration, sales, marketing and brand management in a variety of industries, Christine’s superpower is versatility. She expertly handles the daily operational demands of building a business.

  • Patrick Mause

    Chief Technology Officer

    Being a versatile, collaborative, accomplished, and knowledgeable professional, Patrick has a successful track record as a Software Architect and CTO with a flair for leading people in the right direction.