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How it Works


Morgen provides various sensors based on your needs and nearly any type of sensor available is compatible. Even better, thanks to energy-harvesting technology, Morgen is able to offer ultra-low-power sensors, which feature lifetime batteries or no batteries at all.


With the MorgenCONNECT infrastructure, all sensor data is routed to a single hub in your unit or building and then uploaded to the cloud. Because Morgen uses technology that doesn’t rely on WiFi, cellular signals, or the building’s internal wiring or network, you can be assured of a consistent, reliable connection between the sensors and the base station.

MorgenONE™ Dashboard

MorgenONE™ aggregates all data into an easy-to-use dashboard. Building managers then have full insight into their properties, while MorgenONE™’s platform can automatically detect issues and alert users with a notification when an action should be taken.

The Morgen Advantage

Reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness — these are just a few of the areas in which Morgen outperforms the field when it comes to building technology.

Wider Variety of Solutions

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Because Morgen integrates with a diverse array third-party sensors, the possible use cases for your building are nearly limitless. Energy consumption, leak detection, indoor air quality and HVAC monitoring are all vital needs for today’s smart buildings, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Morgen can do.

Lower Cost


Morgen is truly the most cost-effective option on the market for smart building technology, providing sensors at a competitive price and software at a much lower cost than others offer.

More Reliable

How it works

MorgenCONNECT’s patent-pending technology uses several different protocols to communicate sensor data to the base station, none of which require Wi-Fi or cellular signals. The end result is a reliable system of data collection that isn’t beholden to the whims of Wi-Fi outages or poor cellular service, allowing sensors to be placed nearly anywhere in a building.

Designed for Any Building

Morgen can help

No matter the age or style, Morgen can provide the solution – even older buildings can be outfitted into smart buildings. Because Morgen’s technology does not rely on wireless infrastructure and can integrate into existing building management systems, any building can deploy it without costly updates.

Whatever your needs,
Morgen can help meet them

A wide range of sensors are compatible with MorgenCONNECT and MorgenONE™, allowing the software to adapt to many different use cases.


MorgenONE™ Dashboard

All sensor data is aggregated into the MorgenONE™ dashboard. This easy-to-use and easy-to-understand software provides real-time data and insights into your building and can even take automatic action to detect and mitigate risks.

As an Energy Star partner, MorgenONE also makes Energy Star reporting (as well as ESGreporting) a breeze.