Morgen Quick Start Package: Water Leaks

You can imagine the horror. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and the Head of Maintenance is out of town. What could go wrong?

In a recent case, a large multi-family property owner began to receive alerts on their MorgenONE™ dashboard. The news wasn’t bad right away. The data presented that a unit was experiencing what we call a ‘slow leak.’ Smartly, the Head of Maintenance sent someone to check on the property sending the alert. The maintenance staffer that arrived went directly to the source of the alert to find a classic issue. An elbow fitting in the copper piping from the water heater sprung a leak. The fitting would have likely busted in a few days and gone unnoticed indefinitely causing untold damage to the empty unit.

This would have been a flooding disaster.

Instead, the unit received timely, preventative repair of the elbow fitting. We’ll take a clean-up that requires a towel as a major victory when the alternative involves remediation, mold, and a host of other repairs and costs. After all, 14,000 people experience a water damage emergency in the United States each day!

The MorgenONE™ dashboard indicating a slow leak.

Leaks are every property owner’s nightmare, and this fear only intensifies at scale. Our simple solutions at Morgen prevent an untold number of flooding catastrophes like those above for our partners all around the country.

Quick Start Package: Water Leaks

There might not be a better place to collaborate with Morgen than by addressing the undeniable power of water leaks. Most partners get started with:

  • MorgenONE™: a simple, clear, and compelling dashboard to have the peace of mind of clear visibility of any number of properties and units.
  • MorgenCONNECT™: this low-cost infrastructure aggregates all sensor data and connects it directly to the cloud – without WiFi!
  • Multiple Option Leak Detection Devices: specific situations call for specific tools and we’ve got a cost-effective solution for any monitoring need.

Elegant Solutions, Actionable Data

As an agile solution, we can provide clear, actionable solutions for any building at any scale. Our partners enjoy:

  • Clear, Actionable Reporting: it’s all our ‘high tech’ translated into clear terms.
  • Live Data: timely data trumps old data every time.
  • Trends Charts: improve large-scale strategy decisions with a clear view of the landscape.
  • Alerts: measuring data about a flood isn’t nearly as helpful as preventing one.

Water leak control is only effective if you have peace of mind about water. According to the numbers, water leaks will cost Americans $2.5 billion this year. With Morgen, you can make sure those costs don’t have your name on it.